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September 11th, 2001 ...

Has it actually been a year since that tragic day?  A day that changed a nation and it's people in ways we may never fully realize. It seems as though it was just a moment ago.  Those horrifying images still play out in my mind.  Almost every day I drive myself to work in tears as I listen to the news report of all the people who's lives will be forever changed.  I don't want to acknowledge the pain that grows deep inside my soul.  Every time the images come on the television screen, I race to turn them off.
I am not ready to face that demon.

On September 11, 2002 I made a conscious decision to begin to deal with the issues I had tucked away in a deep dark place.  The first test was to force myself  to watch the documentary by the French film-makers Jules & Gedeon Naudet.  Watching the footage of the attack on the twin towers tore me apart.

Only a few weeks ago I was driving home and passed a sign that read "Connecticut Sept. 11th Memorial".  I quickly pulled over and made my way to this wonderful place of remembrance.  The long marble stone that said a few simple words ... the incredible view of the peaceful ocean ... the sound of the waves crashing on the point ... all came together to sooth my soul.  On this clear sunny day I could almost see NYC.  Many people in CT stood on this ground shortly after the attacks to view the two solitary beams of light which arose from the ashes of the World Trade Center.  People gathered here to mourn the incredible loss of life.

After returning home, I searched the internet for web pages dedicated to September 11th.  I found many wonderful sites.  One in particular touched me in a way I had not expected.  This one page had a movie that seemed to run forever.  Every image was like a bullet through my heart.  It was physically painful to see all these images and consider the number of people that were profoundly effected by the events that transpired.


I will never forget!  The memories of this tragic day are like an old war wound.  Your body may heal ... but the scar will
be with you until the end of your days.


Make your way to Connecticut's September 11th Memorial.  Take a moment to remember.  The emotions that you bring with you and allow to be expressed are what makes this memorial sacred ground.  When you are ready, stand at the marble monument.  Face 290 degrees and take 36 steps.  You should be standing on the edge of the walkway and the rocky shore.  In front of you is a large flat stone.  To the right and in front of this stone are two other slabs of rock with holes drilled in them.  The '911' letterbox is hidden underneath this large flat stone in its southern end.  Please stamp in and rehide carefully as this is a heavily visited area.


When you have completed the '911' Letterbox please
email me about your letterboxing experience at