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Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center Letterboxes

10 Deerfield Road

Ansonia, Connecticut 06401

Name:  Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center Letterboxes
Where:  Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center; Ansonia, CT
Number of Boxes:  3
Placed By: on November 10, 2002
Distance:  1.5 Miles
Time:  1 Hour
Difficulty:  easy

For Directions Click Here


From the Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center sign, head West through the parking lot and past a slide and swing set.  It is here that you will begin your search.  Find a marker for Poison Ivy.  Your quest to find the first letterbox  begins on the trail to the left of this sign.  Heading down the trail you will come to bridge.  After crossing this bridge head North along the boardwalk.  Soon you will come to marker for 'Giants of the Eastern Woodlands'.  From this marker head West.  The 'Mosquito' letterbox is hidden on your left at the base of the second two-sister tree.  After discretely stamping, carefully return the box to it's hiding place.

To find the second letterbox you must return to the 'Giant' marker.  From this point, continue East.  You will cross a bridge and quickly come to a picnic area.  Continuing East, you will cross a rock wall and find stairs made of railroad ties on your right.  After climbing the stairs, make your way back to the Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center Sign.

From the sign, head South keeping the Nature Center to your left.  While passing take a moment to admire the poor caged owls.  Follow a grassy trail heading South until the trail splits.  Head East for 40 paces.  Turn right and cross over the bridge.  At the pond head North.  You will pass the remains of a dam on your right and a bridge on your left.  continue on the trail keeping the pond on your right side.  When you come to a clearing, make your way to the pavilion.  Behind the pavilion you will see an unfinished building.  This is the future site of the Red Wing Pondhouse.  It will remain incomplete until enough money has been raised to finish it's construction.  To make a donation (wink wink nudge nudge) stop by the Nature Center.

From the chimney of the pavilion take a bearing of 110 degrees.  Heading up hill, you will continue on a trail into the woods.  At a 'T' intersection walk backwards 7 steps to a flat rock in the middle of the trail.  From this rock take a bearing of 200 degrees.  You will find the 'Goshawk' letterbox under a trap door at the base of the second cedar in the clearing.  After discretely stamping, carefully return the box to it's hiding place.

Return to the 'T' intersection.  The trail to the left was the nesting grounds of a pair of Goshawk.  These trails were closed when these boxes were created.  Any person who tried to hike these trails was attacked by the hawks.  Therefore these trail were off limits.  From the intersection take a right.  Stay right at the split and you will pass a cedar tree on your left which is completely covered in vines and prickers.  Soon after you will come to another 'T' intersection.  Continue up hill heading East.  Stay on this trail for a ways until it abruptly comes to an end.  Follow the trail to the right.  This trail borders a shooting range.  Eventually you will come to a clearing of wilkweed and other small brush.  Stay to the left.  After a ways you will come to an intersection with 3 telephone poles blocking the trail to the left.  Continue down the trail to the right until you reach 2 railroad tie steps.  From these steps look 245 degrees to a tree with a twisted vine.  The 'Deer Tracks' letterbox is hidden in the back side of the wall behind this tree.  After discretely stamping, carefully return the box to it's hiding place.

When you are finished, continue along the trail until you reach a larger clearing.  Head North along the tree line.  Eventually you will find the incomplete Red Wing Pondhouse.  From here you should be able to make your way back to your car.  I would suggest following around the left side of the pond and walking along the boardwalk.  Make sure you stop in to the Nature Center before leaving as there are many interesting exhibits.

When you have completed the Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center Letterboxes please email me about your letterboxing experience at


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