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Cranbury Park's
"Disk Golf" Letterboxes

Cranbury Park

361 Grumman Avenue

Norwalk, Connecticut

Name:  "Disk Golf" Letterboxes
Where:  Cranbury Park; Norwalk, CT
Number of Boxes:  2
Placed By: on February 21, 2002

Distance:  3/4 Mile
Time:  30 - 60 Minutes
Difficulty:  Very Easy

For Directions Click Here

For Information About Disk Golf Click Here

I am going to assume that you do not own a disk for playing disk golf.  There is a store right around the corner from Cranbury Park that sells them for $8.00.  I realize you have come to letterbox ... but I was hoping to expose you to something new! 

Across from the entrance to Cranbury Park is Kensett Ave.  Follow Kensett to the light where it intersects with Route 7.  Take a right onto Route 7.  Almost 1/2 mile on the right is Outdoor Sport Center.  A very nice store for all your outdoor (and Disk Golf) needs.


Park in the front lot near the pavilion.  Head north along the parking lot until you find a driveway that heads East.  Follow that driveway to the back of the mansion.  Across the rear parking lot you will see a park sign with information about "Disk Golf".  When you have finished reading the information, face 30 and walk 74 steps to the first tee.

1st Tee 1st Hole 240 114 along the row of trees
1st Hole 2nd Tee The trail is to the left of the wood ladder (on your right)
2nd Tee 2nd Hole 15 95
2nd Hole 3rd Tee East 40
To The Right 8
3rd Tee 3rd Hole 30 95
3rd Hole 4th Tee 125 40
4th Tee 4th Hole South 100 in the clearing
4th Hole 5th Tee 330 60 next to a mini pavilion
5th Tee 5th Hole 205 106
5th Hole 6th Tee South 36 head into the woods
40 58
6th Tee 6th Hole 80 120
6th Hole 7th Tee North 12
7th Tee 7th Hole 110 103
7th Hole 8th Tee 200 22
"Disk Golf" Letterbox #1 is located 23 steps from the 8th Tee heading due West.
It is behind a dead tree and covered by rocks, leaves, and bark
8th Tee 8th Hole 140 100
8th Hole 9th Tee 100 15
9th Tee 9th Hole East 40
150 54 over a rock wall
9th Hole 10th Tee West 30 up the road
10th Tee 10th Hole West 110
10th Hole 11th Tee West 20
11th Tee 11th Hole West 95
   200 16
11th Hole 12th Tee North 52
12th Tee 12th Hole 260 100
12th Hole 13th Tee 115 55
13th Tee 13th Hole East 104
13th Hole 14th Tee South 40
14th Tee 14th Hole 130 140
14th Hole 15th Tee 120 25
15th Tee 15th Hole 20 130
15th Hole 16th Tee 230 103
16th Tee 16th Hole 260 95
16th Hole 17th Tee North 120 towards the mansion; on the road
17th Tee 17th Hole 330 65
   190 26
"Disk Golf" Letterbox #2 is located 18 steps from the 17th Hole heading 190.
It is behind a boulder that is leaning against a tree.
17th Hole 18th Tee 340 35
18th Tee 18th Hole 220 125
   South 13

When you have completed the "Disk Golf" Letterboxes at Cranbury Park, please email me about your letterboxing experience at


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