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Name: Easter Egg Hunt Letterbox
Where: Mondo Pond Conservation Area; Milford, CT
Number of Boxes: 1
Placed By: on April 10, 2004

Distance: 1 mile
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: very easy


One Easter Sunday morning John and Jane Smith took their children Jack and Jill to JFK Elementary School for their annual easter egg hunt.  The Smith family stood to the right of the school at the opening of the fence into the Mondo Pond Conservation Area and stared at the information board that was heavily lacking.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith handed their kids a map of the park with an 'X' to mark the location of the twenty-one easter eggs that were hidden there.  Mr. Smith explained that Jack would head to the right and Jill would head to the left.  Mrs. Smith added that the person who collected the most eggs would win a special easter basket.  With that said the children bolted off to win their prize.

Jill started off down the hill to the left of the no-information board and found eggs on top of the split log benches on the right.  She continued down the hill and over some swampy gravel lined trails were she found only one more egg.  When she came to a trail on her left she looked at her map to find that several easter eggs were hidden on this side trail.  As she walked this side trail along a second pond, she saw the corporate offices off to the left.  Soon enough the trail passed through three white granite boulders each with an egg on top.  Jill was extatic about her success.  She was surely going to beat Jack.  As she continued through bacteria scared birch trees, she carefully crossed over a dilapidated bridge and continued along the trail.  After a short ways, Jill came to a rooty beech tree on her left and a set of wooden steps.  Now that the trail was relatively flat she began to run, picking up eggs all along the way.  When she reached a 'T' intersection, she took a left continuing around the main pond.  Eventually she reached a large information board on her left.  Jill's curiosity took hold of her and she stopped to read all the interesting information about this little park.

After a few minutes, Jack came out of nowhere chewing on "Peeps" that he had already found earlier this morning.  Even though he had taken the shorter route, Jack took longer because he had eaten most of his candy.  Together Jack and Jill sat on the rocks near the parking lot to count their eggs.  Jill shrieked when she realized each of them had ten eggs.  Jack and Jill looked at their map and realized the last egg was South of them on the rocky pier/island.  As they reached the highest point of the rocky pier the last egg was nowhere to be found.  Jack said, "the last egg is supposed to be right here!"  Jack and Jill sat and pouted.  Soon after their parents arrived to see who the winner was.  The children explained that the last egg was missing and both of them had found ten eggs.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith were suprised to say the least.  "It's not like the egg sprouted legs and walked away", said Mrs. Smith.  Little did she know that was exactly what had happened.  Hiding under the christmas tree on the south end of the rocky pier was the 21st egg hoping with all it's might that it would not be found.  Suddenly, Mr. Smith had an idea.  "Since each of you have the same number of eggs, you can share the easter basket!"  The children were delighted and spent a wonderful Easter with their parents and each other.  Happy Easter!

(Continue clockwise around the pond and back to your cars)

When you have completed the
Easter Egg Hunt Letterbox please email me
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