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Garfield & Odie


Name:  Garfield & Odie Letterboxes
Where:  Beaver Brook Trail; Milford, CT
Number of Boxes:  2
Placed By: on March 1, 2004
Distance:  2 Miles
Time:  1 Hour
Difficulty:  easy



One sunny afternoon Jon insisted on taking Garfield and Odie of a trip over to the Beaver Brook Trail. He wanted to let Odie run off some of his overwhelming energy. When they reached the park Jon got out of his car and opened the door for Garfield and Odie. No sooner had the door opened, Odie burst from the car chasing after a deer standing at the opening of the trail. Odie did not return for several minutes and Jon started to worry. As fear of Odie's safety set in, Jon told Garfield to find Odie and bring him back to the car. Grudgingly, Garfield set off down the trail from the parking lot. After a short ways Garfield came to a 'T' intersection. "Now which way did that darn dog go?", said Garfield. Looking in the mud Garfield noticed Odie's paw prints in the mud heading to the left. He headed over a long boardwalk and turned right continueing on the trail. When he came to a chain fence on the left, Garfield turned left and continued along the trail following the stream on his right. Getting tired Garfield rested at an iron church steeple at the base of the stream. Suddenly he heard a bark. At 129 degrees stood Odie between a four sister tree and a two sister tree. He thought he could hide behind a rock!
Garfield suddenly realized he had finally found Odie but had gotten lost himself. Hoping that the trail was one big loop, Garfield and Odie continued along the trail keeping the stream on their right. The past through a pine forest and past picnic benches to a large open clearing. Not knowing where to go, Garfield walked across the clearing at 20 degrees and found that the trail renters the woods. He continued along the trail and quickly relaized that the trail met with the road. Garfield was completely flustered about how he would make it back to the car. Standing on the trail just in view of the road, Garfield looked to his right to a beech tree who's roots run along the edge of a small ditch. Giving up, Garfield sat there and rested.

After a few minutes of moaping, Odie started to bark. Garfield looked up to see Odie running towards the road. Garfield got up and folowed as he turned right along the road and re-entered the park a few yards later. Odie eagerly ran down the trail as it continued along the endge of the road. After a short ways Garfield and Odie arrived at the first 'T' intersection and continued up to the parking lot where
Jon was delighted to see them.

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