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Go For Par On The 19th Hole Mystery Box


Name:  "Go For Par On The 19th Hole" Mystery Box
Where:  Fairfield County, CT
Number of Boxes:  1
Placed By: on April 12, 2005

Distance:  1/2 Mile
Time:  15 Minutes
Difficulty:  Very Easy

After a difficult day of golfing, I decided to take a walk. From the 18th hole looked140 and walked 80 steps to a 4 sister tree. Heading east for a very short distance I found a trail on my right that was lined on both sides by an old rock wall. Regrettably, this direction lead me farther from the "club house" but I needed to get my mind off of my horrible game. Eventually, the trail came to a 'Y' and I decided to take a right (230) and walk along an eco-cline of spruce a deciduous trees. The trees soon change to a beautiful small pine grove. I decided to stay to the right and cross over a stone wall, hoping my WSW direction would loop back to the "club house". After passing a three sister tree on the left, a 2 sister tree on the right, and a woodpecker feast on the right, I finally came to rock wall. I really needed to put my 'clubs' down and rest my aching shoulder. Walking along the left back side of the wall, I finally relaxed against a 2 1/2 sister birch about 12 steps from the trail and placed my bag on top of a large flat stone behind the tree.

After a few minutes of rest, I continued along the trail and back to my car. I am looking forward to a nice cool shower.

When you have completed the "Go For Par On The 19th Hole" Mystery Box, please email me about your letterboxing experience at