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Norwalk Historical Society Letterbox

Norwalk Historical Society

Wall Street

Norwalk, Connecticut

Name:  Norwalk Historical Society Letterbox
Where:  Norwalk Historical Society; Norwalk, CT
Number of Boxes:  1
Placed By: on December 24, 2002

Distance:  .1 Miles
Time:  5 Minutes
Difficulty:  Very Easy

Take Exit 16 (south or north) off I-95. Head North on East Avenue
for 1/4 mi., and turn left onto Wall Street at the major intersection.

The first brick building is the 1835 Town House of Norwalk, on the left side of Wall St.
The Mill Hill Historic Park and Museum site includes the the 1835 Town House Museum, the c.1740 Governor Thomas Fitch Law Office, and the 1826 Little Red Schoolhouse, as well as one of the oldest town cemeteries.


From the sidewalk, head up the stairs.  Standing between the two entrances, find the year 1709.  Standing on this date, face due west and walk 15 steps to a tall pine.  From the pine walk roughly south for 50 steps or until you come to the front door of Governor Fitch's Law Office.  Standing on the front stoop, look east to the Little Red Schoolhouse.  There are three windows on this side of the building.  Look through the window farthest to the left.  Across the way you will see one of several graves with the 'Comstock' name.  Make your way around the building to that grave stone.  From this point face due south and walk 56 steps to a tree with a medium sized rock growing from its base.  The 'Norwalk Historical Society' letterbox is tucked away in the northern side edge.

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