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Name:  Holy Land USA Letterbox
Where:  ???
Number of Boxes:  1
Placed By: on January 25, 2003
Distance:  .5 miles
Time:  20 minutes
Difficulty:  easy


In the early 1950's John Greco a lawyer and evangelist responded to a personal message from God.  He built hundreds of religious based structures, grottos, and educational dioramas using discarded plywood, tin siding, chicken wire, cement, and fragments of religious statues.  In the 1960's and 70's as many as 44,000 people per year made pilgrimage to Holy Land, USA.

Since Greco's death in 1986, the park has steadily declined in grandeur.  What once was a replica of the city of Bethlehem has now become a junkyard of broken garbage.  Many of the buildings have been destroyed.  The park has not been maintained for almost two decades.  What once was a top tourist destination has now become a wasteland of debris.

I have driven past this place many times on the highway and always wondered what it was.  I took the time to check it out a few weeks ago.  I was shocked at what I found.  There is an eerie quality surrounding this park.  It is clear that the people who built this place had a firm belief in their religion.  It is sad to see what has become of such an interesting historic place.

After finding a parking space, make your way through the front gate.  Head south through the gates of Bethlehem.  Follow this paved loop clockwise.  On your right you will pass a miniature Bethlehem which is destroyed by age and vandalism.  Continue on the loop until you reach the cross which shine's forth God's eternal light (at least from sunrise to sunset).  From the cross, you can see for miles in every direction.  At 10 degrees you will see a garden.  A little further away you can see the reproduction of Christ on the cross.  Looking at 280 degrees you will see a tall monument.  Follow the paved loop until you reach this point.  The marble plaque in front of this monument reads, "Christ the king of all nations.  All kings of the earth shall adore him.  All nations shall serve him." (psalm 71 v.11).  Continue north on the paved loop until you reach the Hollywood style billboards which read 'Holy Land U.S.A.'.  Standing in front of the 'H' take a reading of 270 degrees.  The Holy Land USA Letterbox is 5 steps away in between
two mountain laurel underneath some rocks.  Stamp in and rehide carefully.

When you have completed the Holy Land USA Letterbox please email me about your letterboxing experience at