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 January 21, 2002

My brother Jonathan and I had such a wonderful time letterboxing yesterday that we decided we would use our day off from school to go letterboxing. When we got on the Metacomet Trail things were looking good. The first hill was relatively easy. After searching for a few minutes we found BOX #1 hidden very well. As we stamped in, the snow started to come down heavy. We hiked for a while before finding the dam. Here we decided to take a moment to write in the snow with our walking sticks. We continued on to BOX #2 which was an easy find. The next stretch of trail proved to be a little tiresome. When we came to the spot for BOX #3 we should have learned our lesson from our first letterboxing trip. We were search under all these fallen trees. Then we took a second ... stepped back from the area and realized we were totally in the wrong place. Once we figured that out BOX #3 was an easy find. After taking some time for lunch at the castle, we continued onward to find Craig's castle letterbox. It was right were the clues stated. Signing in proved to be a little more difficult than expected due to the strong ice cold winds that froze our hands. We continued on looking for BOX #4 but in the heavy snow our 1 hour search proved to be for nothing. We hiked back to the car disappointed with not finding the last box.