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January 20, 2002

Today was the first letterboxing experience for me and my brother Jonathan - We were very excited to find our first box!  The second box gave us a little trouble but we quickly realized our mistake.  Finally, the third box had ius sliding down the snow covered hill on our butts.  It was a great time.
January 21, 2002

Happy Martin Luther King Day!  Jonathan and I  had a day off from school and decided to spend it letterboxing.  I chose a set of letterboxes that have good milage and several boxes.  We made it to the first box in record time.  As we were putting the first box back it began to snow heavily.  We found box #2 & 3 with relative ease.  Once we made it to the castle, we took a lunch break.  Craig's Castle was an easy find.  Writing in the book as the cold wind froze our bare fingers was a little difficult.  We could not find the last box!!!!  we searched up and down the trail for an hour.  We decided to come back in the spring.

January 26, 2002

I made my first stop of the day at the Blue Bird Cafe.  Sat down with a warm cup of my favorite winter beverage ... Chai Tea!  While sipping my chai tea I signed in the Blue Bird letterbox.  When I finally made it to Chatfield Hollow, I was suprised to see so many people.  The first box was drenched and missing clues to the secret box.  The rest of the boxes were in wonderful condition and had some amazing stamps.  I may have to start learning how to create a stamp.
January 29, 2002

Even though many people may disagree, being the first to a box can be exciting.  Jonathan and I drove up to New Haven in the middle of the week to be the first to these boxes.  We hiked in the dark using our flashlights.  The first two boxes were quick and easy to find.  We were unable to find the last box due to errors in the clues.  We'll be back after emailing the creator of these boxes.
February 2, 2002

Today was spent planting my first set of boxes called the Putnam Memorial State Park letterboxes.  Check them out ...
February 3, 2002

It's "Superbowl Sunday".  My first stop was in New Haven to find the last Celtic Miniatures letterbox.  In the daytime it was a much easier find!  Jumping in my car I flew over to Branford to hike the Trail of Terror (NOT!!!).  I found the first and second box.  The third was no-where to be found.  I will talk to Bikerbabie about it.  I probably zigged when I should have zagged.  When I was done there, I ran over to the Trolley Car letterboxes.  As I approached the first box I saw a "NO TRESSPASSING" sign.  I thought we weren't allowed to place boxes in non-public land.  Anyway as I put the box away and began to hike back to the trail I noticed a family waiting for me to finish.  I got to make my first exchange.  Superkid had learned about letterboxing from his teacher and dragged his parents out.  Trolley Car was his first box and I was his first exchange.  How cool!
February 9, 2002

I hiked hard today.  I had laid out all of my clues and put them in order so that I could use my time wisely.  Some of these trails were absolutely gorgeous.  I ended up hiking in the dark for Southeast Schoool and 3 Magi.  Fifteen boxes in one day was definately a successs!
February 16, 2002
February 17, 2002
February 19, 2002
February 21, 2002
February 22, 2002
February 24, 2002
February 26, 2002
March 3, 2002
March 8, 2002
March 9, 2002
March 10, 2002
March 17, 2002

Earlier this week I recieved an email from Linda at the Shoreline Stamp Shop.  She had visited A Letterboxers Paradise at the Great American Stamp Store and invited me to come to her store and sign in to their letterbox.  Even though I have a ton of work, I felt obliged to go.  Before I had a chance to find the box, Linda and I were chatting about letterboxing.  When I finally had the chance to find the box I was rewarded with a special treat.  Inside the box was the "Ready Freddy" HH.  After much discussion, I left to find the Golden Thread letterbox which I found with relative ease thanks to Linda's guidance.