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National Trail Day
Letterboxer Gathering

Tarrywile Park
70 Southern Boulevard
Danbury, CT 06811

(click the above address for directions)

The second annual National Trails Day Letterboxer Gathering will be held on Saturday, June 4th at Tarrywile Park in Danbury, Connecticut. Eastern Mountain Sports of Danbury will sponsor National Trail Day events around the park including hikes, clinics, mountain biking, geocaching, and a letterboxing information area and gathering. Come join us for a exciting day full of stamp carving classes, a Dartmoor Discussion, a letterboxers grab bag, and a stamp carving competition as well as a letterbox hike for boxes placed thrughout the park including new boxes placed specifically for the event. The Great American Stamp Store of Westport will continue its support of this event by supplying carving tools, pink stuff, and cats eye ink pads of assorted colors for sale at the event.

If you plan on attending this years National Trails Day Letterboxer Gathering please RSVP on Atlasquest.

Mark Pepe will supply Letterboxing Bands which come in youth and adult sizes for $5.00 each. These bands are modeled after the 'Livestrong' bands that have become so popular in rescent months. Now you may own a green bracelet with our motto: "GET OUT THERE & BOX!!!" Show your spirit and love for this wonderful outdoor activity.

Name tags with the National Trails Day logo will be provided for letterboxers to identify one another. However, we are offering a National Trails Day Letterboxer Gathering comemorative T-Shirt for the cost of $15.00. These T-Shirts will have the National Trails Day logo on the chest and your trail name and stamp on the back. An example of the design can be seen below. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt please contact with the following information:

1. How many shirts (and what sizes) would you like?
2. What name do you want on each shirt? (font?)
3. A scan of your stamps at as high a quality
as possible so they can be enlarged.

The order of events is as follows:

9:00 The 2nd Annual National Trails Day Letterboxing Gathering Begins!!
10:00 Stamp Carving Class
this class is designed to help new letterboxers begin the art of stamp carving as well as enable other letterboxers to further their technique. This instruction will be offered throughout the day. Assistance from other letterboxers is welcomed.
11:00 Dartmoor Discussion
a slide show presented by Letterboxer2002, first American Dartmoor 100 Club Member
All participants will recieve Dartmoor Discussions Letterbox.
12:00 Pot-Luck Lunch
bring your favorite meal and join in the pot-luck lunch. I'll bring the munchkins! ;-)
i.e. - chicken salad and rolls, wraps, chips, tortilla chips and dip, drinks, cookies, etc.

Stamp Carving Competition
1. Any Carving Medium
2. Any Carving Tools
3. Any Image (Keep It Clean)
4. Any Ink
5. Any Visual Enhancers (i.e. magnifying lense)
6. The image may be transfered to the medium prior to the competition
7. No carving may take place prior to the begining of the competition
(including trimming the edge of the stamp)
8. No physical assistance from other letterboxers (or non-letterboxers)
9. Contestants have 45 minutes to complete their stamp and submit a pressing for judging

All contestants will recieve a Stamp Carving Competition event stamp for their participation. The winner will recieve a letterboxing prize! Following the competition contestants may consider using the stamp as a Hitchiker, Event Stamp or creating a letterbox on the Tarrywile Park property.

2:00 Letterboxer Grab Bag
bring an item related to letterboxing to be entered in the grab bag (no more than $10)
i.e. - carving tools, pink stuff, letterbox, compass, first aid kit, etc.
All participants will recieve a Letterboxer Grab Bag event stamp.
3:00 Letterbox Group Hike
a group hike in search of letterboxes on the property. Clues will be distributed for letterboxes that will be exclusively planted for this event.
Following the hike, letterboxers are free to enjoy the Tarrywile property for the remainder of the day. There are also several letterboxes in nearby areas of Danbury, Bethel, and Ridgefield. If you choose to continue letterboxing we may all consider meeting for dinner at a local restraunt in Danbury.