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Buteo Jamaicensis

Oak Hills Park

4 Twin Ledge Road

Norwalk, Connecticut

Name:  Buteo Jamaicensis" Letterbox
Where:  Oak Hills Park; Norwalk, CT
Number of Boxes:  1
Placed By: on March 3, 2002

Distance:  .3 Miles
Time:  15 Minutes
Difficulty:  Very Easy

For Directions Click Here


After turning onto Twin Ledge Road, park in front of the sign that reads "DEAD END".  In front of this sign is a steel barricade.  Facing away from the barricade, the entrance to the trail is on the left before six pine trees.

Follow the trail down the hill.  After a very short distance you will come to a split in the trail.  Stay to the right.  65 steps after the split you will come to a faint intersection to your left.  To your right is a tall oak tree with a red tailed hawks nest near the top.

Continue along the trail keeping the marsh and houses to your right and the rock to your left.  You will pass a "No Tresspassing" sign on the right.  Continue up the hill until the trail makes a sharp left turn.  Continue up the hill until it splits.  To the right you will come to the Oak Hills Park Golf Course.  To the left is the route you must travel.

You will pass a large hole on your left side that is big enough for a coffin.  55 steps later on your left, you will see a tree that has grown through a large boulder.  Stand at this tree and take a bearing of due North.  Walk 16 steps to a boulder with a slab of rock leaning against its side.  Hidden by a rock door underneath this boulder, you will find your prize.

When you have finished, continue on the trail heading South.  You will head down the hill until you come to the intersection in front of the "Red Tailed Hawks Tree".  Turn right and continue back to your car.

When you have completed the Buteo Jamaicensis letterbox please email me about your letterboxing experience at


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