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Physics 101


Huntington State Park

Sunset Hill Road

Redding , Connecticut


Name:  Physics 101 Letterboxes
Where:  Huntington State Park ; Redding , CT
Number of Boxes:  10
Placed By: on December 24, 2002

Distance:  3-4 Miles
Difficulty:  Medium


Off I-84: take Exit 5. Take Route 53 south for 3.4 miles, at Route 53 and Route 302 follow Route 302 east for 1.6 miles. At Route 58 and Route 302, follow Route 58 south for 4.6 miles then take a left onto Sunset Hill Road . Collis P. Huntington is 0.8 miles on the right.

Off Merrit Parkway : take Exit 42. Take Route 136 north for 5.2 miles, at the intersection of Route 136 and Route 58, follow Route 58 for 7 miles then take a right onto Sunset Hill Road . Collis P. Huntington is 0.8 miles on the right.



For physics class my class was allotted three shots with our catapult to hit three separate targets.  I designed a catapult which shot three balls at once and each ball hit a different target.  (I succeeded).

Today class will begin at the Huntington State Park .  Peter laid down his catapult next to the information board which gave us a map of the park.  Peter shot his catapult at a reading of 3000.  In order to calculate the distance his ball went he used the information given in problem A.

After walking to Peterís ball Alan placed his catapult on the ground, exactly where Peterís ball had fallen.  He shot his catapult at a reading of 400.  In order to find the distance his ball went he used the information in problem B.  After walking to Alanís ball James laid down his catapult exactly where Alanís had landed.  He placed his catapult facing due North.  He shot his catapult then used the information in Problem C to find the distance his ball went.  Finally Jeff laid down his catapult where Jamesí ball fell and aimed his catapult at 2600.  He used the information in problem D to find the distance his ball went.  Jeffís catapult was weak and his ball went a short distance so he shuffled around to a brown rock which he saw his ball go under.  As he lifted the rock he heard the sound of plastic.  He moved the rock, got his ball (sitting on top of a Rubbermaid box) then placed the brown stone back where it was, hiding the Rubbermaid box extremely well.  The class then walked back to the information board.

Jonathan Smith decided that even though it had just rained that day he would take his bike and go for a short bike ride through the park.  Using the map he had printed from his computer of the park he started to ride off.  Just as he mounted the bike his teacher handed him a set of problems.  He took them and was told to follow either the red arrows or the green arrows to the blue star marked on the map.  Jon quickly rode off to find the place marked with the blue star.

Jon quickly found himself located near two bridges which connected different parts of Lake Hopewell .  At the point where the two bridges intersect he noticed that one connected to an island of some sort.  He went to the point where the two bridges would intersect if they continued on.  From this point in the middle of the trail he noticed the directions his teacher gave him.  They said that due west, the distance from Problem F he would find a three sister tree.  From this tree it said to take a reading of 1130.   Instead of soaking himself by walking through the water he walked over the bridge to the point his compass had shown him.  There he found himself in a shrubbery of Mountain Loral.  He took a reading of 1400 and found yet another Rubbermaid box among the rocks.  He looked at the box, hid it again then returned to his bike and went home.



Note: No problems require you to understand anything about physics.  Simply plug in the numbers for the given abbreviation or symbol and use your answer in the directions.

R = Vo2 sin 2 Ф

d = vi t +.5 a t2


For all problems (except E) you must take the final answer which is in meters
and translate it to paces by multiplying answer by 1.43 then round up.


Problem A

Vo =

Ф =



Problem B

Vo =16.05

Ф =30



Problem C

Vo =11.9

Ф =40



Problem D





Problem E
(final answer in ft.)







When you have completed the
Physics 101 Letterboxes please email me
about your letterboxing experience at Ö