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"The Lady of the Lake"

Squantz Pond
Rt. 39
New Fairfield, CT


Name:  "The Lady of the Lake" Letterbox
Where:  Squantz Pond; New Fairfield, CT
Number of Boxes:  1
Placed By: on March 28, 2002

Distance:  ? Miles
Time:  1.5 Hours
Difficulty:  Moderate

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This is a tale that has been passed down from father to son for many centuries.  The man whom this story is about only knows the truth.  This man was a great wizard named Merlin.

For many years the land in which Merlin was from had been without a King.  Merlin believed it was his duty to find a new king before it was too late.  He set out on a long journey that would take him far from his homeland to a place now known as Squantz Pond.  When Merlin arrived at Squantz Pond, he instantly knew that this was where his journey had been leading.

He began by heading north along the western edge of the pond.  Coming to a beach, Merlin continued along the waters edge heading westward.  Merlin stayed as much as 20-30 feet from the water for fear of the dangerous creatures that may live in the ponds murky depths.  Coming upon a worn path, Merlin was struck with a troubling thought.  How had this path been made?

Continuing along this path with great caution, Merlin passed a beautiful waterfall.  This waterfall was intoxicating in its beauty and sound.  It was the type of waterfall spoken of in children’s fairy tales.  Merlin chuckled.

Crossing a bridge, Merlin began heading north along an unmarked trail.  As he followed the path that bordered the edge of the pond, Merlin came to a small stream.  Looking up to the left, he saw a great boulder curiously balanced on top of the rocky face of the mountainside.  The feeling of worry returned.  How had that boulder come to be in that place?

Merlin crossed the stream and continued past a second small stream.  Shortly after, Merlin came to another of nature’s obstacles.  The hill in front of him was made of rock and blocked his progress.  With a swish of his staff, the rock split down the center and roots grew from nearby trees to create footholds for his short climb.

After a short walk, Merlin came to a “Y” in the trail.  Giving a moments thought, Merlin chose to continue to the left.  Only a few steps down the trail, a large rock the height of most men zipped by Merlin’s head, landing to the right of the trail.  Quickly looking to the left, up the hill, Merlin’s fears came alive.  A giant lived in these mountain paths.  The trails had been carved by it.  The boulder had been left by it.  The rock that barely missed Merlin’s head was thrown by it.

In an instant, Merlin had raised his staff and a blue ball raced at the giant, striking him in the chest and turning him to stone.  Next, Merlin raised his left hand.  A ball of fire red rose from his palm and hung in the air at shoulder height.  Using his staff like a baseball bat, Merlin swung at the ball.  The ball whizzed at the stone giant and exploded, sending large boulders for miles along the ponds edge.

Continuing along the trail, Merlin passed another small stream and eventually came to a wonderful lookout over the pond.  After his recent success with the giant, Merlin was feeling confident, and chanced a brief respite on such a beautiful area.

After a short rest, Merlin continued along the trail turning to the right a short ways later to stay closer to the water.  Soon, Merlin came to a trail that ran westward up the mountainside.  This trail was marked in blood and must have lead to the Giants Lair.  He was pretty certain his journey did not mean to lead him there.

Staying close to the water, Merlin eventually came to a large waterfall.  Up to his left was a cave.  Ready for another attack, Merlin approached the cave carefully and found it to be empty.   After a while on the trail, Merlin came to a tree on the left with what seemed to resemble a face.  Having heard of such beings in his travels, Merlin approached the tree and attempted to speak to it.  After a few words, Merlin quickly felt foolish for the attempt and began walking down the trail.  Suddenly a voice from behind him said, “You don’t wake me from 100 year sleep and simply walk away.”  Startled, Merlin spun around to see that the tree had in fact been talking to him.  After introductions the discussion quickly turned to Merlin’s quest.

After saying their goodbyes, Merlin scurried down the trail with a feeling of purpose.  The tree had told him many things about his quest.  The tree spoke of a trail farther ahead where a smooth rock face is to the left.  This trail is guarded on the right and left by two birch sentinels.  Twenty-six steps later you will come to a large tree on the right of the trail with a stone leaning up against it.  Head east down to the water, you will find a tree with many small rocks around its base.  From there you will be able to call for the one you seek.  But who that person is, the tree refused to say.

Merlin found every thing to be the way the tree had said.  When he arrived at the tree with small rocks around its base, he was unsure what he was to do.  He did not have a name to call for.  Becoming frustrated, Merlin “pulled” on his long hair and shouted, “I summon thee … you who have drawn me to this place”.  From out of the water came a woman’s hand bearing a wondrous sword.  “The Lady of the Lake” as she later came to be known gave to Merlin the sword Excalibur with instructions that would aid him in finding a new king.  But that is a tale for another time.

**This letterbox was originally placed underwater.  It was stolen only a few short weeks later.  It is now replaced on solid ground 220 degrees from the waters edge.

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