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Supremist Composition
This letterbox is located at Fort Stamford in Stamford, CT.  The site was once the location of an earthworks redoubt manned by some 300 men under the command of General David Waterbury. It was in use from 1781 to 1783 and afforded the Americans stationed there a view of the Long Island Sound.  Not far from here was formed my earliest memories of my grandmother Hazel "Billie" DiSesa (d.2003).  Aside from her family, her one true love was painting.  While she never painted white on white, she poked fun at the painting by creating it out of some scrap paper and hung it in her small gallery.  From the northwest corner of the pavilion look 200 degrees.  Walk 12 steps to find what you seek.
Name this famous piece of art to find the clues.