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"Go Fly A Kite"

Taylor Farm

Calf Pasture Beach Road

Norwalk, Connecticut

Name:  "Go Fly A Kite" Letterboxes
Where:  Taylor Farm; Norwalk, CT
Number of Boxes:  2
Placed By: on February 21, 2002
Managed By:

Distance:  1/2 Mile
Time:  20 Minutes
Difficulty:  Very Easy


For Directions Click Here


Once you enter Taylor Farm head to the pond.  Stand on the north side of the pond and face north.  In front of you there will be several small patches of trees.  Behind those trees is a larger patch of trees and bushes.  Head straight to the large patch of trees and bushes.  Once you reach the border of the trees look around for four bluebird boxes next to each other.  The one farthest to the left stands upright, the second tilted and the last two also stand upright.  To the right of the rightmost bluebird box you will find a bush of prickers.  There is a small path through these prickers.  You can either use the path or go around the prickers.

Once around the pricker patch you will find a group of rocks which form a small hill.  Climb the rocks to the top of the hill.  If you turn around you will see a nice view of the south side of Taylor Farm and a decent view of the water.  Looking northeast you will see a tree that has been split into three large pieces at its base with smaller branches breaking off.  Walk up to that tree. 

Looking northwest you will now see a large dead tree that is covered in vines.  It is here that you will find the ‘Go Fly a Kite’ Letterbox #1.  The letterbox is under the tree where the trunk splits into two branches and is covered by three rocks from opposing directions.  Sign in and return the box to its hiding place.

Continue on the trail heading west until you reach a fork.  In front of you will be a small opening.  Look to the northeast to find the continuation of the trail.  You will reach a ‘T’ in the trail that leads to the right.  Stay straight at the ‘T’ until you reach another ‘Y’.  Turn right and  take 20 steps along the trail until you reach the first fallen tree crossing the path.  In this area you will find the ‘Go Fly a Kite’ Letterbox #2.  Follow the fallen tree to the left of the trail where it hits a rotting stump.  At the base of this stump is a second fallen tree.  Under this fallen tree you will find the "Go Fly A Kite" Letterbox #2 hidden by three logs and a stone.  Sign in and return the box to its hiding place.

Continue  on the trail until you reach the meadow.  Look southeast to find your ride.  When you have completed the 'Go Fly A Kite" Letterboxes please email me about your letterboxing experience at …