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Hidden Valley Nature Center
Gillotti Road
New Fairfield, Connecticut

Name:  Woody Woodpecker Letterbox
Where:  Hidden Valley Nature Center; New Fairfield, CT
Number of Boxes:  1
Placed By: on January 25, 2003
Distance:  .5 Miles
Time:  30 minutes
Difficulty:  easy

For Directions Click Here


From the parking area head north.  You will pass a small nature center, park bench, and pavilion.  At post #1 continue north on the white blaze trail.  You will be hiking along a rock wall on your right.  Pass a vernal pool on the left.  You will come to a T intersection.  If you go right you will cross the stone wall and head up the hill to an elementary school.  Instead follow the trail to the left.  Cross a very thin boardwalk and head west uphill.  The trail will eventually bend south and cross a rock wall.  Continue on the white trail until you come to a 'T' intersection.  To the right is an unmarked trail heading uphill.  Continue following the white blazes to the left heading downhill.  As the trail approaches the edge of the pond, look for post #7.  Turn right at #7.  After a short ways you will come to post #13.  Standing at this post, look 280 degrees to a square rock that is approximately 16 steps off the trail.  Woody woodpecker made his home behind this rock.  Stamp in and rehide carefully.  To return to your car, continue following the white trail.

When you have completed the Woody Woodpecker Letterbox please email me about your letterboxing experience at