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Letterboxing Experience

(This page was last updated:  January 23, 2003)


"Warning:  Letterboxing is addicting and can be GOOD for your health!"
Dog Scouts Troop - 1/20/03


History of Letterboxing:


In 1854 a Victorian gentleman by the name of James Perrot of Chagford was making a customary walk in Dartmoor, England one day he decided to place his *business card* in a glass bottle.  The walk was refuted to be long and difficult; yet many people customarily made this journey.  He placed the bottle in the banks of the Cranmere Pool in Dartmoor, England.  He encouraged visitors who had found this bottle to do the same with their card.  Thus being a way of proving that they had made the long journey along the aforementioned route through Dartmoor.  Since that historic day, letterboxing has grown in popularity throughout England.


In April of 1998, the Smithsonian Magazine wrote an article entitled 
"They Live and Breathe Letterboxing"
.  This article brought about the birth of letterboxing in the United States and the international community.  Since July of 2002 there were published clues for more than  2500 letterboxes hidden in the United States.  To see a complete list of published clues in the United States visit the LBNA website.



Letterboxes I Have Planted:

Putnam Memorial State Park

Bear Mountain

A Letterboxers Paradise

Buteo Jamaicensis

Where's Waldo HH

Jonathan's Birthday

Disk Golf

The Lady of the Lake

Ansonia Nature Center

Calvin & Hobbes


The Letterboxing Order
of the Purple Heart

Mighty Mouse HH

Frosty The Snowman

Norwalk Historical Society


Holyland, USA

Woody Woodpecker

The Simpsons

Garfield & Odie

Milford Minutemen Memorial